About Lien Machine 1 LTD

James “Jim” Darden and his wife Elaine founded Lien Machine in 1987. From the beginning, Jim took pride in his knowledge of the California Vehicle Codes. He was highly respected by the DMV Lien Sale Unit and companies associated with the towing industry all over California. In 1997, Jim passed away leaving the business to his wife Elaine and their daughter Diana Chandler, who is now running the daily operations.

Having knowledge of the California Vehicle and Civil Codes is a very important aspect of Lien Machine. Diana has continued to meet with Lien Sale Unit to make sure Lien Machine is always in compliance with DMV procedures and the Vehicle and Civil Codes.

Lien Machine provides same day service. If liens are submitted before 2:00 p.m., all notices are sent that day providing a sale date approximately 30 days for vehicles under $4,000. This allows you to charge for a lien fee the day you submit your lien, when in compliance with civil code 3074. We accept liens via fax, telephone and through our website.

Currently, Lien Machine works with towing companies on Police Department rotations all over California such as: Oakland P.D., Fresno P.D., Santa Barbara P.D., San Bernardino P.D., San Diego P.D., and Los Angeles P.D.

If you are interested in Lien Machine services please feel free to contact us at (800) 359-6680 or create an account and enjoy access to our quick and easy online processing service.